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What is SEO and do I need it?

shutterstock_379771366A Clarified Definition
“SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO practices are the means by which modern products and services are rendered most visible to prospective buyers. When someone is looking for something they’re interested in purchasing, they’ll do a search online. If, for example, they needed the services of a local carpet cleaning business, they would be likely to boot up Google and type “carpet cleaners” in the search bar. In this instance, “carpet cleaners” would represent what’s known as a “keyword”. A “keyword” is that which most likely will be searched pertaining to a given business. Some keywords associated with carpet cleaning services may include “shampoo carpet”, “carpet cleaners”, or “rug restoration”. Whenever a search is entered into Google for such items, a log is kept of popular words associated with that search. SEO practices involve gathering up those words and sparsely peppering them throughout a piece of writing that acts as a sort of funneling agent.

Expand ROI
Increasing your SEO presence on the internet will increase your marketing ROI. The way this happens is that your business becomes increasingly visible. Locals become more likely to choose your services over those of another carpet cleaning agency. The difficulty is that proper application of SEO techniques can require a heady dose of professionalism. While there may be a hundred keywords regularly searched pertaining to your business, they could also be the same kinds of keywords searched in association with those services nationally. What good is it for your carpet cleaning business to show up at the top of the Google list in Chicago, if adding the name of your home town to the keywords kicks it to the bottom of the search results? Optimization must necessarily concern itself with localized parameters. For your Return On Investment to be worth anything, there must be some return!

The Advantage Of Professional Marketing Services
A digital marketing company deals with these sorts of marketing exigencies regularly. By investing in a group who already has extensive experience in SEO procedures, you increase the likelihood that you will see positive return on your investment. It is the difference between hiring a plumber to fix those growling pipes, and getting down near that sump pump yourself. Sure, you might be able to get something done; but it’s going to cost you blood, sweat, tears and a substantial amount of discomfiture that may last for days. Meanwhile, if you had hired a plumber, you could have had that problem knocked out in a matter of hours the day you noticed there was an issue. Sure, it may cost a little bit more, but the question becomes: what is your time worth? They say time is money. If you have to spend forty hours figuring out the right keywords for your article, when you could have spent a half hour on the phone giving directions, have you really saved any money? Solid SEO practices are best accomplished through professionals in the market. This will yield more dependable ROI.