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What Can Google AdWords do for Your Carpet Care Business?

shutterstock_281221427Your carpet care business, like most others, likely has a clearly defined geographic market area in which you do business. You also likely have a website to help promote your business, but don’t know how to get the best results from it. That’s where Google Adwords can help. Instead of having a static website that people might stumble upon while online, Google Adwords makes it possible for you to target and reach a much larger number of consumers in your market area who have a need for your services but don’t know your business exists.

Increased Local Reach

Between the Internet, laptops and desktop computers, and mobile devices, more people than ever are using the Internet to research the goods and services they seek to find the best local sources. Marketing studies show about 85 percent of all consumers conduct online research before making an important purchase decision, such as hiring a service to care for their carpets. If you aren’t using Google Adwords to rank highly on various online search terms, you are missing out on a potentially large amount of business that your competitors will get, instead.

Highly Selective Targeting

When you use Google Adwords or hire someone to optimize your website and create a profitable Adwords advertising campaign to promote it, you greatly increase your ability to reach highly targeted consumers. If you want more business from homeowners in a particular neighborhood, you can create a Google Adwords campaign that targets those people by area code, zip code, and other factors, so they can learn more about your service and make use of it.

Promote Other Services

While your business obviously engages in cleaning carpets, you also likely clean upholstery, drapes, and other household items beyond carpets. You also likely offer specialized services, like emergency water mitigation, spot removal, and other services for which homeowners and others often have a sudden and unexpected need. With a Google Adwords campaign in place to promote those special services, you can see significant increases in your specialized as well as general carpet care services, which means greater profitability.

Measureable Results, Adaptable Campaigns

While you now are aware of many of the outstanding benefits of using Google Adwords, the greatest benefit, by far, is the ability to measure and adapt your advertising campaigns to make them more effective and profitable. Adwords provides a wealth of information, from the number of times your ads appear on specific search terms, how many people clicked on your ads, whether or not they made a purchase, and a wide range of other information.

When you hire experts who know how to compile information, interpret it, and adjust your Adwords campaigns to make them more profitable, you will see an increase in relevant local business, while reducing your advertising costs and improving your return on investment for your marketing dollars. You also will have a competitive advantage over your local carpet care businesses that don’t embrace Google Adwords to generate more business and become more profitable.