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Carpet Care Marketing Gurus have vast experience in navigating today’s social media climate. With the consistent growth of online communication, the massive impact of social media conversations on the economy is more than obvious. Social media marketing experts at Carpet Care Marketing Gurus are here to expand and improve your social media outreach efforts to begin the conversation with your potential customers, increase online referrals and enhance your online reputation.



  • Research provided by Google indicates that over half of all online activity is derived from social media.
  • More than ever, consumers are doing all of their shopping online. Social media referrals and online reviews are the new “word of mouth.”
  • These ongoing social media conversations are how today’s shoppers are making purchase decisions for services, including carpet cleaning. Instead of calling or visiting you, they read online reviews and talk to your customers directly.


Whether you are aware of it is not important, because online conversations can make or break your business. You could be interacting directly with potential customers interested in your services with a personalized social media outreach campaign created by Carpet Care Marketing Gurus. With the number of people who use social media to aid them in purchase decisions, do you really want to be excluded from the conversations about your carpet cleaning company? We doubt it. At Carpet Care Marketing Gurus, you’ll benefit from our dynamic approach to your social media strategy as it helps you develop a manageable social media presence that will grow your existing customer group and bring new potential customers to your website.

Social media is not just having a Facebook page with a unique cover photo. Carpet Care Marketing Gurus will implement proven strategies to improve your social media profiles, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Effective implementation of social media outreach strategies will comprehensively expand your online visibility throughout the carpet cleaning industry, grow your professional relationships and enhance your customer communication across the board. Carpet Care Marketing Gurus have the skill and experience you need to take your social media profiles and leverage them for your benefit.