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SEO Tips for Carpet Cleaning Businesses

shutterstock_117792820Gone are the days when people would retrieve a dusty phone book to search for the goods and services that they needed. In modern times, people rely upon Google, or one of the smaller search engines, when they want to find the best carpet cleaning service. Therefore, the most effective advertising platform is now Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How Do I Improve My Search Results

There was a time when improving your search results consisted of filling your website with content and relative keywords. In fact, keywords were the only factors that Google considered when they ranked websites in their index. Keyword stuffing and poor content led Google to change the way it ranks sites and content isn’t as important as it once was. While content and keywords still bare some relevance, a company can be punished if their keyword density exceeds 3%. The fastest way to boost SEO rankings is through the use of backlinks.

What are Backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks that lead back to your site. The best way to build backlinks is by establishing numerous social media accounts. You can even do this for social media sites in other countries. Every account will ask for your website, and post it on your page. Google’s crawlers can then find the backlinks, and rank your site accordingly.

No Anchor Text

In the not so distant past, using anchor text with hyperlinks was an excellent way to get noticed by Google, However, their ever-changing algorithm now punishes this practice. Many companies hurt their self-interest by using tactics that no longer work.

Register With Google Maps and Google My Business

Since you’ll only service a small area, you don’t need international nor national SEO. Google Maps and My Business are excellent local SEO Tools, and they’ll eventually bring business to your door. You’ll even receive a monthly report of how many people found your business on Google. You don’t even need a website for this to work because Google is going to retrieve the best results that are closest to the person who’s conducting the search.

Get an SSl Certificate

This is an important step and most people don’t even know about it. If your company allows people to place down payments or make payments in advance, then you need an SSL certificate for their protection. This is a safety protocol that ensures all date being exchanged is encrypted and safe from hackers. Google prefers site’s that are SSL encrypted, and this can give you the advantage over sites that aren’t encrypted.

Keep up With Google’s Algorithms

Every few weeks, you should do a Google search for the best SEO practices. Google constantly changes the best practices to stay ahead of cheaters. However, failing to keep up with the latest algorithm might result in severe penalties. Google once liked all keywords now too many can lead to trouble. Hyperlinks were one all the rage, now they have to come from reputable sites.