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Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns with Carpet Care Marketing Gurus are an exceptionally fast method to achieving first page visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As an AdWords certified company, our PPC management team has handled millions of dollars in advertising budget for carpet cleaners and other businesses nationwide. We are ready to create your ad campaign, optimize your advertisements, and write customized ad text to comprehensively grow the number of visitors coming to your site.


Search Engine Marketing is the common term used to refer to direct advertising on search engines, generally using services provide by the search engine itself. Examples include Google Adwords, and the Bing ad network. For carpet cleaning companies, pay-per-click advertising may be a more effective solution than search engine optimization in the short term. Advertising on Google and Bing creates instant online visibility for keywords that are known to bring customers to your site. With a carefully managed PPC ad campaign, Carpet Care Marketing Gurus will use valuable keyword data to put your PPC ads at the top of valuable search engine results pages.

instant visibility and traffic

home-partnerFor long term success, organic search engine optimization is important, but Pay Per Click Advertising may be a better initial service to launch your carpet cleaning company’s digital marketing campaign if you are launching a new website, or are waiting for your SEO efforts to produce broad results. SEO is a tough process, and we recommend pay per click marketing to clients needing instantaneous visibility and traffic to their website for critical keywords.

Experts at Carpet Care Marketing Gurus have earned their Google Adwords certification and are more than qualified to handle every last facet of your pay per click marketing campaigns. Our keyword research and optimization tools guarantee the most effective keyword targets. With proper click monitoring, you never worry about your competitors impacting your budget. Applying a precise and dynamic bid management plan ensures that your advertisements are placed in optimal positions on the correct search results pages. Our Pay Per Click campaign setup plan completely analyzes and manages each step of your PPC marketing efforts, setting goals that will grow your business when achieved.