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How to Get Carpet Cleaning Leads

images-3How important do you think digital marketing is?  Here are a few facts that might put it into perspective for you.

  • Google is responsible for 85% of online searches throughout the world
  • Each day there are more than a billion searches online
  • In the US, 59% of the population performs at least one search online each day
  • 90% of the residents of the US perform online searches at least one time each month
  • 74% of all online searches are for local goods and/or services
  •  82% of those local searches are then followed up with either a visit or a phone call

That being said, are you beginning to realize how important digital marketing is?

Digital carpet cleaning marketing is more complex than simply making a website for your business.  In fact, there are several aspects to the process.  It just begins with a great carpet cleaning website design.  Along with the website, you also need amazing carpet cleaning SEO.  In fact, Investing in SEO can get you an ROI that is an amazing 8 times more in comparison with the more traditional forms of advertising.

There is also Pay per Click advertising, which can get you first page visibility on the search engines pretty quickly.  Then you have social media marketing along with analytics and reporting.

There is one more element though, and it is a rather important one.

Video Marketing

More and more marketing videos are showing up on YouTube every single day.  There are informational videos too.  This means that YouTube is quickly moving into second place when it comes to the largest online search engine.  For this reason, it is critical that you incorporate video marketing in your marketing arsenal.  This will be a massive move in getting your brand and name recognized.  Your carpet cleaning business has impressive content and information that you need to be sharing with the public through video marketing.  This will allow you to draw visitors and bring legitimacy to your customers.  The expert motion graphics team at Carpet Care Marketing Gurus can provide consultations for upholstery and carpet cleaning video development and they can even assist in implementing the content.  When you are ready to grow your business, head on over to carpetcaremarketinggurus.com and they will set you on the path to success.

Social Media

The team at Carpet Care Marketing Gurus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in regards to the social media of today.  The growth of online communication is consistent and as such, the impact of conversation on social media can be massive on the economy.  The social media experts at Carpet Care Marketing Gurus can both expand and improve your outreach efforts in regards to social media in order to begin conversations with potential customers so that you will be able to enhance your reputation online while also increasing your online referrals.

What are you waiting for?  Every second that you delay, you are losing money!  Call Carpet Care Marketing Gurus today and get the leads that your Carpet Cleaning business needs.