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Digital Marketing for Carpet Care Companies

imagesSo you’ve been running your carpet cleaning business for a while and you had a good run with traditional marketing. If things have slowed down for you, then it might be time to look into digital marketing to get a beneficial spike in sales for your business. Although it is mysterious to many small businesses, here are a few things that you need to know about digital marketing to increase the ROI on your marketing dollars.

Build The Community

Whether you service a particular area or a particular type of capret, your customers are sharing their experience online. One of the best and least expensive ways to get new customers is to create a community online. Digital marketing can accomplish this in many different social networks that your consumers are using. The major benefit of a community is that people can share knowledge and generate testimonials around your brand, while you sleep. It doesn’t cost much to start, and it costs even less to continue. This is a major perk of Digital marketing, it lives on for a long time.

Digital Marketing Connects You with Consumers on the Internet!

Higher Conversion Rates

Customers online are already looking to buy something if they used your targeted search terms, so this is important because digital marketing helps you save money by not targeting consumers that are not ready to buy, while you focus on satisfying and converting prospective clients into customers in the exact moment when they are ready to buy your services. It is a win-win because you satisfy your new clients while you save money. This allows you to pass the savings to your customers, which increases ROI much more. Your happy customers pass referrals, and you spend less money to convert them.

Here are Some other benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Connects You to Mobile Consumer
  • Generate Higher Revenues
  • Delivers better results from Your Campaigns
  • Maintains your advantage compared to Competitors
  • Allows You to Compete with Larger Corporations
  • Prepares You to keep up the flow with the digital era

So if you haven’t considered digital marketing as part of your holistic strategy, you should start the process with email marketing, then move into social media marketing to build those communities. This combination alone will increase the ROI of your Digital marketing strategy.

If you want to take things a step further, you can always sign up for a Google Adwords account and allocate a small budget to test the waters with a PPC campaign. This will increase your brand awareness, and put you in the spotlight when people are searching for your service. If they don’t click on your ad, they still see your brand name, and repetition will work wonder in the future. Each time you make an impression without spending money, each impression costs less, so your investment in marketing will provide your Carpet cleaning business with better marketing ROI for a long time into the future. There are many other digital options, so contact a marketer today.