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Carpet Cleaning Marketing – Tips For Marketing Your Carpet …

Your carpet cleaning business most likely does a mix of residential and commercial jobs mostly in your local market area, which most likely has many other carpet cleaning companies with which you compete. A general business rule says the more competition you face, the higher your carpet cleaning marketing costs will be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you employ effective digital carpet cleaning marketing, you can grow your business while gaining a significant advantage over the competition.

Maintain Regular Contact

When you initially gather your customers’ contact information, be sure you obtain their email addresses, and if you have any active social media accounts, such as Twitter, try to get them to sign up for your regular feed. Then, without bombarding your existing client base, you can conduct email and social media carpet cleaning marketing campaigns that inform your customers of current specials, industry changes, and any other important information to keep your business fresh in people’s minds and to help establish your expertise in the field.

Utilize Content Marketing

You need to keep your website current and draw more people to it to learn more about your business, and content marketing is a great way to do that. Writing and posting regular blog posts on a weekly or even daily basis and sharing them with your social media followers, sending email copies to your customers, and posting on other blogs and can boost your online traffic and, ultimately, the number of people and businesses who come to you to clean their carpets. You can tailor content for particular customers, such as commercial businesses, and send it to them to try to pull them to your site to learn more and utilize your services.

Use Geo Targeting

imagesMuch of your business likely comes from a particular geographic area or market, and within that area or market are even smaller geographic designations, such as zip codes and neighborhoods. Some of those zip codes, neighborhoods, and other local communities will prove more productive than others. You can target the better geographic areas with online advertising that only they will see and tailor the carpet cleaning marketing content for their specific geographic area. A good example is rotating a schedule of neighborhoods for special cleaning rates so that you can schedule more jobs located close together and get more done in a day.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Your website is an important carpet cleaning marketing tool, and you need to ensure it will work properly with mobile devices as well as the top Web browsers and computer operating systems in use. Before deciding to buy a product or service, more than 85 percent of adult consumers conduct online research, first, and more people are using mobile devices to access the World Wide Web than use computers. That means you need to ensure your website works flawlessly with mobile devices so that the maximum number of people can find you online and use your carpet cleaning services.