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4 Elements of Modern Web Design

shutterstock_173732336 (1)Marketing your local carpet cleaning business requires your website to stand out above the rest in the area. It doesn’t matter if there is one other company or a dozen, the quality of your website helps sell the brand. Many small businesses make the mistake of using an outdated look, perhaps one the company has used for a decade (or longer). Fact of the matter is, whether you are in the carpet cleaning business or the fashion world, you need to stay fresh and up to date. From millennial customers to baby boomers, you need to stand out from the competition and the best way to do this is to bring modern Web design into your site. Slight changes to the site look can pay big dividends in your site traffic and the amount of new customers you receive.

Keep it Clean

Your website needs to have a clean look. Most modern websites are free of shadows, use clean, cut lines and reduce the amount of content placed on every page. This does a few different things for you. First, it draws attention directly to desired content on the page. Whether it is a call to action or a service provided, a visitor instantly sees this. People don’t want to read blocks of text about the company. They want to know what you can do and if you can help them. This clean look directs their attention to the answer.

The clean look reduces coding bloat, which speeds up your website. This ensures visitors will stay on your page instead of backing out because it takes too long to load. It also helps with search engine ranking as Google, Bing and others all consider load speeds when ranking the site.

New Typography

Along with the clean look, you need fresh text. This doesn’t mean change Times New romans to Sand Script. All of these are older, well used forms of text. You need something new. There are thousands of free text options available online (before you download make sure to check the usage requirements set up by the text designer). The text is new, yet familiar at the same time. Make sure to increase the size of the text on your page. This helps draw attention to the text, without disrupting the clean appearance.

Background Video

A background video takes up the entire background of your page and plays upon loading. As a local carpet cleaner, you can have beautifully shot footage of carpets being cleaned. The quality of the video is very important, but it also showcases what your company does as soon as the page loads. This is a modern Web design feature you should consider implementing.

Mobile Friendly

Whether your website is mobile friendly or you have a separate mobile site, you need this in your modern Web design. Search engines boost the rating of mobile based websites for mobile searches, so take advantage of this and boost your mobile search results with a mobile friendly website.