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10 Steps to a Successful Carpet Cleaning Marketing Plan

images-13Carpet care marketing may not be the first thing you think about when launching your business, but it is a critical step in today’s competitive carpet cleaning marketplace. In an era in which customers have multiple options and your rivals may be located in your hometown or overseas, you want to put all chances on your side.

Here are our top 10 steps to a winning carpet cleaning marketing plan.

1. Have a Website

Carpet cleaning website design must be your number one priority. You need an online presence, even if you will focus on the local market. A properly crafted portal goes a long way towards establishing your business as reliable and reputable.

2. Assess Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is what you offer customers. Think about the kind of carpet care services you provide, as well as the accompanying options, guarantee clauses, payment methods, etc. You want to have a clear idea of what you provide, so that you can effectively market your business.

3. Analyze Rivals

A solid carpet cleaning marketing plan must include a benchmarking study, say industry experts. ‘Benchmarking’ means you assess what competitors do and pick their brains to improve your own carpet care business. That way, you avoid rivals’ mistakes and improve your own operational processes faster.

4. Determine Market Needs

You don’t need a carpet care marketing guru to find out what your prospective customers need. You can glean market data through mini-surveys, telemarketing calls or informal sessions at industry fairs, to name a few.

5. Have a Sales Team

Depending on your business, you may need an in-house sales team. You also can outsource that function to an external provider, and commit more resources on expanding your business.

6. Polish Your Customer Service

Needless to say, first impressions matter. Make sure your client service is effective, and maintain faster turnarounds and proper telephone etiquette, regardless of the team size.

7. Focus on Add-On Sales

Add-on sales can help increase the bottom line of your carpet cleaning business. Don’t rush here, though; introduce additional services only if you have the appropriate resources to sustain them over the long term. Add-on items include upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaning, carpet rakes and disinfectants.

8. Retain Customers

Customer retention is essential to any business – especially in the carpet care sector, where competition is high and client loyalty relatively scarce. Build goodwill by regularly educating your customers on the importance of having their carpet professionally maintained.

9. Build a Marketing Team

Part of your marketing plan should include online marketing tactics. Concepts like carpet cleaning SEO, traffic building and digital marketing should be part of the plan. The good news is , you can outsource that part to a creative agency or PR firm.

10. Assess Your Progress – and Be Flexible

Be flexible in your marketing plan, and assess your progress periodically. Revamp whatever doesn’t work, and constantly reshuffle your marketing mix – service, price and promotion – to fulfill customers’ needs.


With the carpet care business becoming competitive and clients having more options than ever, you shouldn’t panic. Study your local market carefully, determine your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and establish an effective promotion strategy. These steps – and many more – can make your carpet cleaning marketing plan successful.